Sensory Safe Events is an online directory targeted at disabled kids and their caregivers who are looking for accessible, inclusive, and sensory-friendly activities and events in their area. We are based in Miami, Florida, USA so that is the primary focus of our directory, but we welcome event submissions from anywhere.

This is a newborn project, born out of necessity, and it is growing at its own pace. Please pardon our dust as we are building out the website and definitely give us a little grace when it comes to vocabulary choice. We cater to a diverse audience so we are trying to strike a balance between person-first and disability-first language. The wording on this website will change often and it won't always be "right" for everyone. We look forward to learning and growing with our visitors over the next few years!

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Please let us know if you'd like to partner with us or if you just have some feedback, questions, complaints, concerns, or praise that you wish to share.

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