6 Ways That Blind Kids Can Enjoy Art

Mar 24, 2023 | Environments, Family

Blind kids can enjoy art in several ways without relying on sight. Here are some ways to make art accessible to blind children:

  1. Tactile Art: Tactile art involves creating three-dimensional pieces that can be felt and explored through touch. This type of art can be created using various materials, such as clay, fabric, or paper. It allows blind children to experience art through their sense of touch.
  2. Audio Descriptions: Audio descriptions can be used to describe artwork in detail for blind children. The descriptions can include information on the colors, shapes, and textures of the artwork, as well as any other relevant details.
  3. Verbal Descriptions: Verbal descriptions can be given by a trained guide or teacher, describing the artwork in detail, and emphasizing the elements that make up the art, such as its composition, color, and texture.
  4. Tactile Graphics: Tactile graphics are tactile representations of two-dimensional images. Blind children can feel the graphics and gain an understanding of the artwork through touch.
  5. Smell: Some artists incorporate scents into their artwork, which can add an additional dimension to the artwork, especially for blind children.
  6. Technology: Technology can be used to create digital versions of artwork that can be explored through touch or sound. There are also 3D printing technologies that can create 3D versions of art.

By incorporating these techniques, art can be made accessible to blind children so they can experience and enjoy art in a wide variety of ways.

The best examples of ways that blind kids can enjoy art and how you can encourage blind kids to create art comes directly from contemporary blind artists. Here are a few you should check out. 

And here’s a growing list of famous artists from the past who were blind (either during or at the end of their careers). We’ll keep updating it as you send us more suggestions! 

Please leave a comment and suggest other contemporary, unknown, or historical artists we should follow! 


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